“Where there is love there is life.”




– Mahatma Gandhi




Once upon a time . . . Long, long time ago . . . when dinosaurs were still here and I when I was starting my photography adventure...

I couldn't decide which areas of photography shall I go into.

In other words, I was like every beginner photographer walking with my camera everywhere and taking pictures of everything and I mean everything.


One day I was asked to go to Poland for a wedding (just as a plus one guest)

I didn’t really want to go so they tricked me… They said this could be a very good chance for me to take pictures at the wedding and see if I would like wedding photography.

The wedding couple had a photographer booked already so they just ask the main photographer if he is ok with me walking behind him all day and, surprisedly he said yes.


I went there and did the best I would. I wasn’t confident about my skills and what I was doing there, where shall I stand and when.


I was scared like before a bungee jump, but on the other side, I was pumped being there, seeing everything from backstage.


The pictures were ready some time after the wedding, I was so proud of my work

( now I think the pictures were a disaster, but I had no pressure as I wasn’t an official photographer then).

I prepared DVD with a printed logo on it, packed it in a nice printed box and sent it to the couple.


They contacted me a few days later saying how wonderful the pictures were and I heard from other people that they showed everyone my pictures rather than the ones from the official photographer.


This made me think that this might be something that I could actually be good at.

( I know, right? )

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.


Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover,


everyone becomes a poet.”



– Plato


Over time my skills increased, I learnt how to use my gear properly and I even started teaching photography. Shall I mention I became a full-time wedding and portrait photographer also a destination wedding photographer as I was regularly shooting weddings in the UK, Greece and Poland?


I still love shooting weddings, I believe that apart from the wedding couple, the photographer is the most important person at your wedding.


Big headed? I don't think so. Let me explain...


If you hire a wedding photographer to tell the story of your big day, you hire me for the whole day.

Now, let me ask you something. Who will be with you the whole day, since the morning till the first dance or event a bit later?


You are meeting your groom/bride at the church or registry office. Your parents are there in the morning but then they need to prepare themselves. Your bridesmaids need your hair and makeup done the same as you do. Your best man needs to drink not to tie your tie.


A good photographer will help you with all of these things. It's not like this is what photographers are hired for but I'm the person who has been at so many weddings that I can tell from my experience at which side the bride needs to be, which finger is for the wedding ring or even when is a good time for a speech and a cake.


All wedding photographers do it for you, don't they? :)


Oh, did I mention that I will also take the pictures to memorise the moments for you forever as this is what I'm actually really good at?


See you on the biggest day of your life.



“If I had a flower for every time thought of you…


I could walk through my garden forever.”


– Alfred Tennyson

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