“Humor keeps us alive.


Humor and food.


Don’t forget the food.


You can go for a week without laughing.”


— Joss Whedon




Apart from this photography business we own a coffee house in Exeter.


As a business owner, I have great insight and understanding of how important good food photography is for you, especially these days.

We are living in the modern world when we order more online than ever before.

So, visual is really crucial.


Think if you can afford all the lost sales opportunities because a customer decided to buy ‘a burger’ from your competition, only because his decision was based on a better picture.


At the end of the day, for a new customer who never tried your product before, the taste or quality isn’t the first reason to buy. Yet!


A new customer will always choose the better looking product as we all are eating with our eyes.

Unfortunately, I believe that a low quality product presented beautifully will sell better than the most delicious one with a really bad picture.

Don't you think?





“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants..”




— Michael Pollan









We are eating with our eyes.


You just can't disagree with the fact that when you are looking at a picture of the delicious food you want to eat it.

Look at the food commercials, even fast food that never looks as good as on the

picture makes you want to order it.

I know the food almost never looks as good in reality as it was on the picture.


Isn't this cheating?


I don't think so, you want your food to look the best the same as you would like to look the best on your wedding portrait.

If you are a woman you will have your make up on, and if you are a man... well, you will make some effort too!

This is exactly the same with food. I want to style it and capture it in the best possible way, so whoever will see it on yourmenu,

an advert or even a bus stop will check you out and order it straight away.





“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.”



— Craig Claiborne

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