Selfie Photographer Exeter

You know how it is when you look at Instagram and you see all the amazing pictures from around the world, they are all perfect and most of the time the profile owner is on them as well… Hmmm

Explain this to me, it is quite hard to make money from travelling in the first place, then if you are travelling as a couple the cost is almost double. So, do they make enough money to have a professional photographer with them all the time? Or did they hire someone local every time, but then why are all the pictures the same style?

Maybe they were taking pictures of each other? Yes! But wait, if that it the case, then how come they are together on most of the pictures… Ok, I don’t know…

Or do I ? 🙂

The answer is quite simple, in my case it is TW-283 to be more precise Pixel TW-283.

See I told you that the answer was simple.

But seriously what the … is TW-283? It is nothing else then a Wires Timer Remote Control.

Nothing really fancy, also there is no specific reason why I chose this model. There are lots of similar remotes and I’m sure they all perform well.

The cool thing about this one is that you can set it up for taking pictures at intervals of 0.5s in my case, and then you can just have fun in front of the camera same as we did during our photo shoot.

I am really enjoying this type of photography. The best thing about it is that now we have the Wedding, Portrait and Elopement photographer with us at all times 🙂

Devon Engagement Photographer

As a Devon Engagement Photographer, the options for amazing locations and ideas are almost endless. There are always some parts of this beautiful countryside that I haven’t discovered yet or I saw them one day and was waiting for an opportunity to do a photoshoot.

This photoshoot was no exception. 

A few weeks ago our friend Lynne showed us Woodbury Common, we went there for a walk and a chat. At the time I had my camera and drone with me expecting to take some aerial pictures. At the end of the day, I thought that the spot was great but a bit flat so wouldn’t look good from the air.

A few weeks later… I mean last weekend, when I was searching for a session location I thought about the spot again. I knew it will be amazing for portraits.

I went there twice 🙂 First on Saturday with my beautiful wife to check the place and also to take a few selfie portraits to check my new gadget I have bought (I will make a separate post about it as it is so cool 😎) 

Second time on Sunday with this gorgeous couple for a real photoshoot.

We spent there an hour and I’m so pleased with the pictures we produced. Have a look and tell me what you think.